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The international business platform ProfiBusiness.world connects companies of all sizes, forms and fields of business from all over the world. The ProfiBusiness.world platform supports import, export, acquisition, business collaboration, cooperation and investment for companies and individuals.
It allows you to simply, quickly, efficiently and cheaply offer almost anything including your products, services and technology to new partners in their own country and other countries almost all over the world. The platform is used by companies and individuals looking for products, services, technologies, new suppliers, business partners, acquisitions, various forms of cooperation, investors or those who want to invest in interesting projects.

The ProfiBusiness.world platform also helps with the sale of companies or parts of companies, know-how, commercial real estate, older technologies, machines, robots, production and processing facilities or, for example, stocks. It is also an important source of information, news and interesting things from more than 50 industries and services.

Reach new partners with your products, services, technologies and intentions all over the world!

Portal profile

The international business platform ProfiBusiness.world connects is an online degree with a focus on entrepreneurship, business and selected fields of industry and services.

Daily it brings interesting information mainly for entrepreneurs, owners and representatives of companies from all over World.

Target group

Your advertisement can be aimed at approximately 150,000,000 worlds entrepreneurs, company representatives and experts:

  • different types and sizes
  • without or with units, tens, hundreds or thousands of employees
  • in almost 200 countries

Portal traffic

The international business platform will help you reach out directly to:

  • approx. 850,000 visitors
    • of which approx. 760,000 unique readers
  • approx. 1,850,000 viewed pages

  • current dates for January 2024

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