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MF PINTOMarch 15, 2019


MF PINTO was founded in the year of 2004, in Lisbon and has continued to grow throughout the years, consolidating our expertise in the diesel injection fuel and turbochargers market. We are one of the leading portuguese companies offering a large...
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Allianz X increases fund size to 1 billion eurosFebruary 20, 2019

Allianz X increases fund size to 1 billion euros

Allianz X, the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group, announced today it has received additional investment from Allianz SE, increasing its fund size to 1 billion euros. The increase is the result of Allianz X’s investment track record,...
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ERA BeneluxFebruary 14, 2019

ERA Benelux

ERA Benelux has a wide range of airconditioning compressors, steering racks (left and right hand drive), steering pumps, ignition distributors, driveshafts and CV joints, starters and alternators, brake calipers and EPS steering columns.
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Technical sewing P. BADERTSCHER AGFebruary 11, 2019

Technical sewing P. BADERTSCHER AG

The P. Badertscher AG is an efficient SME with more than 100 employees in Switzerland and in Slovakia. Badertscher‘s head office is in Schönenberg, Switzerland and produces for various sectors and many applications. Some examples: Cleaning...
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The NetherlandsOctober 15, 2018

The Netherlands

The kingdom of ‘The Netherlands’, also known as ‘Holland’ (call us however you want to call us, we’re a tolerant society), is a delta country in Western Europe where over 17 million people speak the‘Dutch’ language. More than one million people...
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Robotics for people with disabilitiesSeptember 27, 2018

Robotics for people with disabilities

Robots are well on the way to becoming ubiquitous in manufacturing, where they are having an impact on the work environment and on jobs themselves. But what does this new world of work look like? How does it divide work up between humans and...
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Continental Supports Hyperloop Technology as a Logistics Solution of the FutureSeptember 17, 2018

Continental Supports Hyperloop Technology as a Logistics Solution of the Future

Technology company Continental is actively promoting the future of logistics and is involved in Hyperloop development. Most recently, the Group supported the research work of some talented young people. For the “HyperPodX” project, students of...
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Shell secures exploration acreage offshore MauritaniaSeptember 12, 2018

Shell secures exploration acreage offshore Mauritania

Shell Exploration and Production Mauritania (C-10) B.V. and Shell Exploration and Production Mauritania (C-19) B.V. (“Shell”) today signed two Production Sharing Contracts with the government of Mauritania for the exploration and potential future...
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A compelling foodType: Investment, Evaluation: 6-8%, Subject: Food industry

A compelling food

Food can be one of the most profitable and exciting industries if the label is successful. The unique concept of a good grocery brand focused on drinks, snacks, and in the next phase of selected consumer goods, can be very successful within a few...
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IT technology for the EUTyp: Business cooperation

IT technology for the EU

We are looking for IT technology producers: software, hardware, and other components, which we can offer to customers within the European Union. If you produce interesting information technology, contact us. Together we can offer your products to...
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