A compelling food and beverage label

A compelling food and beverage label
  • fulfilling the everyday needs of almost every person
    besides food

  • and of course - each person's biological needs
    meaning food and drink (beverages)

    A strong worldwide brand

    In the first phase, the brand focuses on the Czech Republic. Meaning countries that are relatively close in language, culture, financially, and logistically. In the following phase, we consider the gradual expansion into other countries within the European Union, and then gradually beyond it.

    The purpose is to create, within a few years, a strong, worldwide food industry brand that is popular among several million users.

    Investment range

    • first phase 1,000,000 Euro
      next phase (global expansion) 1,500,000 Euro

    • minimum deposit of 10 000 Euro
      optimal investment length is 5 years (by arrangement 3-7 years)


    • the estimated value is 6-8% p.a. of the amount of the investment
    • if the label is successful (interestingly profitable) or if the concept is sold to one of the multinationals, an additional bonus payment is made of up to 10% of the value of the investment.

    Level of risk

    • slight risk


    Provider contact:
    Petr Hamrozi
    Hamri Plus s.r.o.

    Polni 411, 739 61 Trinec, Czech Republic

    Tel.: +420 558 986 499
    Mobil: +420 733 139 882 (CZ), +421 915 946 533 (SK)
    E-mail: petr.hamrozi(at)hamri.cz
    Www: www.hamri.cz

    Date of entry

    July 8, 2018

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