Dynamic 3D imaging for lung monitoring

Dynamic 3D imaging for lung monitoring

The new method now allows, for the first time, dynamic 3D imaging of the ventilation of the entire lung in real time, using a combination of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and acoustics. The method also offers the possibility of long-term 3D ECG acquisition.
The determination of lung ventilation is very important for diagnostics as well as therapy planning and monitoring in many lung diseases like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) e.g. after COVID infection.

Existing methods have the disadvantage that they usually only measure statically, cannot be used on a long-term basis and are also very expensive. The 3D monitoring of the lung is carried out e.g. via "smart" clothing, which is equipped with electrical components and uses special software to record and transmit the data. The integration of an AI enables the user a selection of the obtained values.


  • dynamic, real-time 3D imaging of lung ventilation
  • non-invasive, radiation-free method
  • application in form of a waistcoat
  • combination of EIT, ECG, sound and AI
  • comparatively low financial and equipment costs
  • outpatient long-term monitoring possible

Scope of application

  • Diagnostics and therapy (planning and monitoring)
  • Long-term measurements esp. in pulmonology and intensive care medicine
  • Outpatient diagnostics e.g. emergency services, care sector

Opportunities for cooperation

The development team is looking for partners interested in financing the start of production (perhaps as a joint venture) or interested in buying out the patent.

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 January 15, 2024


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