Technology for the Production of Drinking Water: Yield 4-10% Per Year

Technology for the Production of Drinking Water: Yield 4-10% Per Year

Help us fund a unique technology that will bring drinking water to millions of people in different regions of almost the world. We are looking for financial partners for our new plan, who will help finance the purchase, production and subsequent sale of very interesting technology for the production of drinking water from commonly available sources.
Do you have free funds and would you like to evaluate them interestingly in a short time? Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to help spread a unique technology that can bring drinking water to millions of people around the world. You can choose from two forms of investment - loan or sale of a stake in a start-up.

Hamri Plus s.r.o. would like to offer this technology to countries, regions, cities, municipalities, firefighters, the army or, for example, private companies in various countries almost all over the world.

Its goal is to provide drinking water for at least 100 mill. people.


About the Product

Thanks to a combination of physical and chemical processes, the unique technology can produce drinking water from various commonly available water sources (for example, rivers, lakes, dams, ponds ...). 

Thanks to this, it can solve a short-term or even long-term problem with the lack of drinking water caused by many different factors (floods, natural disasters, dry or very weak sources of drinking water, etc.).  

The technology is tested and of course fully functional. Its effectiveness is based on independent tests of audited laboratories. Test reports are available to confirm efficacy..



Examples of Using the Technology

There are a number of situations in which technology can be used. Some situations include the following:

  • natural disasters
    • floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires....

  • technical faults in drinking water sources
    • cracked pipes, heavy pollution...

  • lack of drinking water
    • dry or very weak sources of drinking water
    • high concentration of inhabitants in one place

  • etc.


The technology can improve the taste of water and its structure, protects against bacteriological and chemical pollution, removes radionuclides, such as radon, ensures higher quality drinking water. For example, it can remove the following substances:

  • heavy metal cations
    • iron Fe, manganese Mg, copper Cu+2, nickel Ni+2, lead Pb+2, etc. (and also particularly toxic as mercury Hg+2, cadmium Cd+2, thallium Tl+2, arsenic As+3 and next)

  • Anions
    • nitrates NO-3, nitrites NO-2, phosphates PO4-3, chromates CrO4-2, cyanides -CN (yanide complexes with metal cations), arsenites AsO3-3 and arsenate AsO4-3, sulfide S-2, and other inorganic and organic anions such as phenolates, anions of anionic detergents R-SO-3 etc.

  • harmful and dangerous microorganisms
    • bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, protozoa (including bacteria, clostridia and Cryptosporidium)


What We Want to Finance

This is a unique technology that is suitable for various situations. The goal is to offer the product to several countries around the world and help meet the drinking water needs of many millions of people...

Our intention is to finance in particular:

  • purchase the entire technology from the development team
    • and obtaining the necessary rights to start production

  • preparation of technology production
    • and the actual production of several pieces

  • strong marketing and promotion
    • thereby reaching as many customers as possible from different regions of the world

  • building a network of business partners as soon as possible
    • in individual world regions

  • expected implementation - as soon as possible
    • we would like to complete the entire transaction as soon as possible


Investment range

You can choose different amounts of your investment. It depends on your options...

  • loan for a period of 4 or 5 years
    • according to the success (speed) of starting activities
    • the minimum value of the investment is EUR 2,000


  • sale of a stake in a newly emerging company
    • the amount of the share and the price per share according to the agreement
    • the minimum value of the investment is EUR 40,000



We would like to put together the following funds:

  • approx. 2 000 000,- EUR
    • purchase of technology, start of production and subsequent offer in various countriesstrong>

We offer partners the following evaluations:

  • guaranteed yield of 4-10% per year
    • appreciation that will be paid to you

Level of risk

Minimal risk - money back guarantee



Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi



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