With expertise in high-strength steel design and manufacture plus decades of experience delivering to the lifting sector, SSAB can help your lifting applications cut weight without compromising strength or safety, lower fuel consumption, and reach higher. A higher strength-to-weight ratio means better payload as well as savings in material costs and construction schedules due to less welding.


  • Mobile cranes
    Learn how to make mobile cranes lift higher and farther with Strenx® performance steel, offering tensile strength of up to 1300 MPa.

  • Loader cranes
    Make loader cranes more powerful using Strenx® performance steel, with tensile strengths up to 1300 MPa. Also great for booms, outriggers and turrets.

  • Concrete pump trucks
    Discover how to make concrete pump truck cranes reach farther with Strenx® performance steel. Also great for booms, outriggers, tubing and chassis.

  • Aerial platforms
    Learn how to make aerial platforms that can reach higher and farther with Strenx® performance steel, offering tensile strength of up to 1300 MPa.

  • Crawler cranes
    Discover how to increase reach and capacity of crawler cranes with Strenx® performance steel. Also great for chassis, tension straps and booms.

  • All terrain cranes
    Discover how to make all-terrain cranes reach farther and lift more weight with Strenx® performance steel.

  • Lifting equipment
    Discover how to make lighter yet stronger and more durable lifting equipment with SSAB high-strength steel. Applications include forks, grapples and hooks.

  • Innovative design with high-strength steel
    Designing with high-strength steel like Strenx® makes applications like lifting hoists, boom structures and other crane devices stronger and lighter.

  • Lift your business with Strenx® steel
    Strenx® aims to set a new standard in high-strength, high-performance steel. Specially manufactured for customers who expect the best in terms of performance, quality and strength, it meets the needs of the lifting sector for strong and safe yet light and sustainable structures.

  • Outlift the competition
    Achieve higher payload and performance with lighter yet stronger steel in your lifting equipment.

  • My Inner Strenx®
    My Inner Strenx® is a members-only program that allows approved manufacturers to place the My Inner Strenx® trademark sign on their products. A powerful marketing tool for OEMs, it’s also a way for end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for demanding applications. Find out more about the My Inner Strenx® program or contact your local sales rep to join today.

  • Your quality guarantee
    At SSAB, we work relentlessly to improve production processes. As a result, we can guarantee both closer tolerances and improved workshop properties, and help our customers develop new and better products. In fact, SSAB was first in the world to introduce a precision guarantee on the thickness of our high-strength steel plates – the Strenx® guarantees.



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